CaseApp cases and skins are kind of a must.  Why wouldn’t you want personalized cuteness adorning your most prized possessions?  And, good for you if those aren’t your most prized possessions ha, but my phone is my child.

With CaseApp, you can choose one of the many designs available or upload your own.  Because I’m always trying to promote the Bbubs (blazuhs and bubbss), I put my site logo onto designs found on the caseapp site.  It’s a good conversation starter..”what’s Blazers and Bubbly?”.  I plan on slow-sippin’ a latte at a local coffee shop, while casually rotating my computer every so often.

The phone cases are great quality and easy to keep clean.  The computer skin is just a big sticker, but it looks SO good on the love of my life, errr, computer.

Use code JUJUPANTS20 for 20% off your order!

Happy shopping!

Caseapp computer cover

Caseapp glitter

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