Mirina Collections — made to order jewelry.

I’m excited to be part of a new collab with Mirina Collections!  I recently received a “handcrafted” statement necklace, and I am loving all of its bold pizazz!

BUT, I must note that the quality is not what I expected for the price point.  The materials look much more sturdy and expensive in the website photos.  I still very much enjoy the piece, but I would never pay full price.  If you want to shop the collection, use code mirinagirls for 20% off.  And expect about a month before it arrives (I guess this is where the handcrafted, made to order business comes into play..).

Mirina also has delicate pieces, but why go for those when their statement necklaces are SO much fun?!  The one that I chose from their “Famous Necklaces” collection is the “Amazon”.

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