SheIn Choker Dress

SheIn bodycon choker dress

SheIn little black choker dress:

This bell-sleeve bodycon dress, with a built in choker strap and one sexay peekaboo leg slit, is most definitely a head turner.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and fit– this particular dress has a thicker fabric than most that I’ve gotten from the site, and hugs just right. I know some of you are skeptical of SheIn products, but I’ve had good experiences with the company.  For the most part, everything fits well unless you are grabbing a “one size fits most” item, and then let’s be real..  But I found that even those are fun to wear, with their oversized slouchy fit.

Find this dress here, and see if you can keep your hands still.  These slit sleeves have my arms dancing…but it’s pretty standard for me to do life with arms flailing about, knocking over things as I go.

*Professional photos by Franco Herrera 


Franco Herrera

franco herrera