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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!!  And happyhappy holidays!  I’m currently tucked away in the “happyland” Bryce bubble (with my highly entertaining family), where we are forced to socialize with no one (except the cows, maybe), and fireplace lounging is what it’s all about….

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Tacky Christmas Sweater Roundup!

Oh, is this not what all brothers and sisters do around the holidays?  Ahhhh, “tacky” Christmas sweaters!! (twins dancing emoji)  “Tacky” is in quotes, because, let’s be real– these are amazeballs, and I will be wearing mine all winter long….

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Bye Arctic Puffin

I hope everyone had a delicious and joy filled Christmas/holidays!  I’m SO sad it’s over and I refuse to take down the Christmas tree, but at least it’s a shiny new year andd snowboarding season!! (in this part of the…

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Eggnog Muffins, eeee Holiday Joys

You don’t have to be afraid of eggnog!….at least not Trader Joe’s light version.  In fact, you should probably go ahead and use it in somanyythiiiings.  Like muffins or pancakes!  Here is the recipe I worked off of for these…

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Holiday Splendor!

I’m readyyyyyy.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means it’s pretty much Christmas…and I could not be happier.  I’ve been ready since Halloween.  Now, I love Halloween and Thanksgiving very much, but Christmas??…Holymoly, I can’t even put into words the excitement and…

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