Goff Club Collection Bowties

Goff Club Collection bowties make for the perfect accent piece to add a pop of color to your look. And these beautiful, handmade bowties (and pocket squares) are not just for the guys.  Get points for buying one for your man, and then wear it whenever you please (so sneaky!).

The bowties can be worn with summer dresses or even with dolled-up night numbers.  They look great untied, like a skinny scarf, paired with a button down, and they even work with tank tops– tie them into their classic little bow forms or causally knot.

Each one has the cutest print, so good luck choosing.

Find Goff Club Collection on instagram and facebook.

See a video of my behind the scenes shoot here.

Also see this post to find the dress I’m wearing, and this post for photographer info.

(Bottom three photos from GoffClubCollection.com)

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Goff Club Bowties

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