About Julia Holland

julia holland dc

Hiya!  Welcome to my fashion & lifestyle blog of style tips and inspiration, dining suggestions/recipes, and fun to-dos.

Wear this, play there, nibble that.

Washington D.C. may not be the fashion capital (far from it), but style lives everywhere.  And given my location just outside of D.C., I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by a beautiful mixture of nature and culture.  This, combined with my frequent travel, fills my Barbie “blog ideas” notebook to the brim with entertainment ideas and jet-set adventure tips.

My background:

  • Graduated from VCU with a BFA in Fashion Design
  • Completed a summer internship in NYC with designer Cynthia Rose
  • Currently work as a paralegal with ConstructionRisk Counsel, PLLC, and as a risk management consultant with ConstructionRisk, LLC

Email me anytime with comments or questions.