Oh, is this not what all brothers and sisters do around the holidays?  Ahhhh, “tacky” Christmas sweaters!! (twins dancing emoji)  “Tacky” is in quotes, because, let’s be real– these are amazeballs, and I will be wearing mine all winter long.  It’s like Santa paid a visit to the Barbie Dream House…just magical.

I gave this to the bro last year, as one of his Christmas presents (the guy has everything…but he didn’t have this!).  Yes, these are unisex.  I came across these, here, on ebay– they have so many great options, for guys or girls (mine is an xs, they run large).  Went ahead and bought myself one a couple of months ago.  I highly suggest matching with someone..the “holymoly, that’s awesome!” factor is just multiplied times like 100.

These sweaters have to ship from the UK though, so get those orders in!  I don’t remember it taking very long to ship, though.

Oo, side note– for anyone trying to think of a unique gift idea for the guy who has everything- building a BB gun target area is a fun one.  I did this for the bro last year, and he enjoyed shooting everything to bits.  You would, of course, need the proper space for it.  But if you have it…  I rounded up ornaments and dishes from thrift stores, and birds and targets from walmart.  I set everything up in a secluded part of the woods, hanging ornaments on branches, placing birds in trees, and dishes on boxes.  Be prepared to clean up after, though! (A tarp is probably not a bad idea)

*See bottom of post for tacky sweater suggestions (a lot of them are men’s, but those seem to be the best ones)!









Here are my top tacky sweater picks:

1)  This awesome collection on ebay (where I found ours)



2) Modcloth:
Clockwise from top left- Yeti, Gnome Santa, T-Rex, Gingy

photo (1)-001

3) Target:

Clockwise, starting from top left: Pom Pom Tree; Elf Suit; Gnome; Elfin’ Holiday

photo (2)-001

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