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Beetle House D.C.

D.C. Halloween bar

Beetle House D.C. — a year round Halloween restaurant and bar!

Beetle House is now open in D.C., and I couldn’t be more happy about it.   The HBun and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at last night’s event, washing down yummy bites with “blood bag” bevs and steaming dry ice cocktails, while fully entertained by the multi-level spooky decor and the live stage performance.

Here’s a little snippet of what Beetle House is all about:

 In short, we are kind of like an adult Halloween party with a Burtonesque feel, curated by Alfred Hitchcock, with a 90s goth band on stage and everyone is wearing Weird costumes.

Enter the downstairs portion through a trippy black and white striped Beetlejuice inspired hallway, and enjoy meals named things like “Cheshire Mac n Cheese” and “Edward Burger Hands”, in a not at all basic space.  I inhaled the vegan linguini (would never guess that it’s vegan), and Hbun can’t stop raving about the sesame chicken wings that were sweetened with melted down candy.

We spent the majority of our time in the upstairs bar and stage area, decorated with glowing clouds, a coffin, dripping candles, a skull wall and blood red lighting to set the eerie mood.

The Halloween pop-up bar each year at Drink Company (see this post) is always a great time, but to have a year-round quirky spot is just everything.  Thank you for coming to D.C., Beetle House!!  I can’t wait to dress up in costume on a random winter day and step into this amazing place.