Blazer Dresses

Blazer Dresses NastyGal

Photo By Edgar Davis

Blazer Dresses:

Oh you know Blazers & Bubbly loves the blazuh dress look.  Blazers on everything, every day, every way.

I found this shimmery pink blazer dress at, (see a similar pink style on sale here) where they have plenty of options to choose from.  My need to shop hits me in waves– “stay strong”, I tell myself…and then the next thing you know, I’ve placed orders on 3 different sites.  Oopsie.

I’m pretty sure that I needed this dress, though (loved someone’s reference to Elle Woods on my IG photo).  Sometimes I order items simply because I know they will do well in a photoshoot….what is lyfe??  I’m not pretending IG hasn’t effed us all up.  It 100% most certainly has.

Anyway, this look is just a happy outlet to feel like “me” and to find extreme joy from material objects (:D).  I really enjoyed wearing this shiny, standout piece to the “Boss Babes” brunch over the weekend– Power Suits have been redefined.  And, these dresses are so easy to style.  Literally just pop these belted dresses on and you’re good to go.  I’d like to maybe switch up the belt next time to a patterned, possibly clashing one and toss on a pair of oversized earrings, flip the hair into a sleek ponytail..

See this page for plenty of blazer dresses on NastyGal, where the entire site is currently 80% off!

Photos by Edgar Davis