Boho Sunflower Field McKee-Beshers

Maryland Sunflower Field, Pablo Raya Photography

What a random ayuss field of sunflowers.  Like, that’s pretty feuckang sweet.  They’re as tall as me and they make my outfit look 10 times kuter.  YOU GUYS, even the “influencers” that post white t-shirts and jeans all day would have people requesting outfit deets if ‘graphed among the flowers.  Ahahahh. This world.  People.  I can’t.


Ok, what the eff is this post about..  here, recreate this look or something..

Oh, and this sunflowers field is located in Maryland, at the McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area.  …..But the flowers are DEAD now hahahah.  Ugh don’t stress, they will bloom again at some point.  Do they bloom in September, too?  Too tired to google it..let me know.

Side note, where are those rooms that you pay to step into and break plates and things?  I’ll find one, break all of the things, and report back.

I wish I could include voice-notes with my blog post.  I would sound like the most psychotic ditzy minion girl there ever was. But I guess just check my IG stories for that.

Outfit Stuff– Similar Look: 

The professional photos are taken by Pablo Raya (@praya1).