BootayBag Underwear Subscription

Bootaybag Subscription

Hey cutie, I think you need to get your bootay into these gorgeous Bootaybag undies!

How much fun is a monthly underwear subscription?!  So many great boxed subscriptions exist! ..Jewelry, beauty products, snacks, underwear.. it’s like Christmas morning every month (but more like everyday– you know how much you buy online, missy/mister!).

For $12 a month you get two styles of your choice, and they ship free.

I’m not going to pretend that all of my underwear is cute or sexy..I legit still wear a pair from 7th grade!!  And I know that’s when I bought them because they are from Abercrombie & Fitch, and my best friend (@acolortheory) and I were obsessed with A&F back then and got matching ones!  So, I probably need to get rid of a few oldies and let these lacy new numbers make me feel good AF.

Be sure to snap a selfie and use the hashtag #undermatters and Bootaybag will donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation.

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