CoolSculpting with novasculpting

Nov 11, 2022 | In & Around the District, Lifestyle

Coolsculpting nova sculpting

CoolSculpting with novasculpting

I’ve now had my first session of novasculpting CoolSculpting ELITE, to target stubborn abdominal fat, and it went so well! (PROMO code at bottom of post)

CoolSculpting permanently eliminates the fat that it freezes (at -11 degrees Celsius!). The fat cells do not regenerate nor move elsewhere in the body, and upkeep is not required.  Remaining untreated fat cells can still expand though, if you experience weight gain in general.

During my consultation visit (which is free), it was decided that 2 CoolSculpting sessions would be the right fit for my needs.  This means 3 treatments total during each session (6 applications in total), to cover the upper and lower ab area.

In my first session, I had the first 3 treatments, which the novasculpting team made so easy and comfortable (thanks for calming my nerves, walking me through the process, answering all of my questions, and keeping me cozy with a fleece blanket and plenty of pillows!)

These 3 treatments (aka applicators suctioning to specific areas to target the fat) were done in two parts: the first part included 2 applicators- one on the upper abs and one on the lower right abs. The second part was for the remaining 1 applicator on the lower left ab area. Each of these 2 treatments lasted 35 minutes (with a “massage” in between the 1st & 2nd treatment and after the 2nd treatment).

The treatments honestly flew by for me. I was able to work with my laptop right on my lap (novasculpting has a fabulous pillow desk/cuddle buddy ha), and they also have a TV in the room, if you’d prefer to watch Netflix.  After the session was complete, I was fine to go about life per usual— there’s no down time!

After the session, the abdomen area was, and still is, a bit numb to the touch, which is perfectly normal. This is now the day after my first session, and my abdominal area is a bit tender and sore. Tenderness, minor swelling, numbness, tingling, and itching are a part of the recovery process and can last up to 4 weeks, depending on the area treated.

Full disclosure, the CoolSculpt process is not entirely painless, but it is only minor pain, and in short increments. Of course, each body is different.  The only mildly painful parts that stick out in my mind are when the applicators are removed from the stomach area, and when the fat is massaged post-freeze (which is necessary for 60% better results). I felt a bit of discomfort during the initial 10 minutes of the freezing process, as well (it’s an odd sensation, like an icy burn), but then the area becomes numb.

As far as the results go, each treatment destroys 20-25% of fat cells in the targeted area, and subtle changes can be seen within 30 days of treatment.  Optimum results, however, appear 90 days after your last session. And, subsequently for 6 months you’re still processing those crystallized fat cells through your lymphatic drainage system, so you may still see changes in the body. You can keep treating the same areas until you get your desired result, as long as there’s tissue for the applicator to suction to (and as long as the novasculpting team thinks it’s a good fit).

It’s important to note that CoolSculpting is great for stubborn pockets of fat, but is not meant for weight loss. Its purpose is for fat reduction, to achieve body contouring, and it works best on subcutaneous fat, which is under the skin. It is not recommended, however, for visceral fat— the fat under muscles and around organs (a beer belly, for example), which responds to diet and exercise.

My second session is scheduled for next month, and I’m so excited!  The first session was all about reducing volume, but the second session will focus on fine tuning to deliver desired results.  In the meantime, I’m even more motivated to eat healthy and exercise (which I already do).

Be sure to follow along on my IG page and stories for updated results along the way, and mention my name to get 50% off 8 or more cycles!

Thank you, novasculpting, for gifting me these sessions!!

During my consultation visit (the shorts crack me up ha)

They first draw on the region to be treated and measure the appropriate applicator size


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