Easy Halloween Costumes

Easy Costume ideas

Costumes can be weirdly expensive for such a cheaply made, tiny piece of cloth, but thank goodness for Amazon, thrift stores, and your friends’ closets.

This is just a quick roundup of a few possible costume ideas that are easy and inexpensive.

Side note: If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you are missing out.  Free 2 day shipping has come in handy more times than I can count.  I have purchased shoes, bras and dresses last minute for events, and somehow manage to buy something on there at least once a week.

I’ll start with the winged “costume” that I’m wearing– This is meant to be a Victoria’s Secret angel.

Part 1 of the costume: the nighty:

  • This piece could be any underwear/lingerie item that you own (or find this red night piece here, on Amazon), and just find a pair of wings (Amazon has them starting around $8).. maybe even carry a pink Victoria’s Secret bag, and voila, Victoria’s Secret Angel
  • A red dress or lingerie piece like this could also work as a devil or fallen angel (then you can work in the wings) Just pick up a cheap headband from the dollar store.  It could also work as cupid– find a cheap bow & arrow (like this one from Walmart for $4) or a sheet of heart stickers to cover people with.

Part 2 of the costume: the wings (aren’t these particular ones magical?!):

  • The ones I’m wearing are from Amazon and include the sticks (which you slip into fabric at the ends of each side of the wings so that you can grip them and twirl them about), and make a show-stopping Victoria’s Secret Angel, but can easily work for a regular angel costume, belly dancer or boho festival-goer (Burning Man attendee..)  
 (Top photo and photo below are by Sandross Alim)
Sandros Alim Photography
Angel wings

Other Options:

Literally just wear a little bodycon dress or tank top dress and print out (and safety pin or hand sew) whatever symbol you want to be…

All Blacks player
Care Bear
Thing 1 and 2


And a few more ideas:

  • A character from the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds– attach decorative black birds to your dress.
  • A sports referee– wear spandex shorts with a striped top and knee highs
  • Birthday girl–  wear a sparkly number with a tiara and sash, maybe carry a balloon or two









































    Happy Halloween!!!