Eshakti Custom Clothing (the best dresses!)

Eshakti Custom Clothing

Eshakti Custom Clothing and Ready-to-wear:

Hi guys! Just wanted to share a quick testimonial on Eshakti personalized fashion, because I’ve had a wonderful experience with the company and want to pass this source of beautiful, personalized pieces along to you.

Eshakti is a unique women’s fashion company with sizes 0-36W, made to your height in a standard size or with your custom measurements. They have plenty of dress styles (with pockets too!).

Eshakti reached out to me and offered one gifted dress, which I was able to customize to my desired silhouette.  I now own three…that’s how much I love them!  The dresses are all well-made, high quality, with an excellent fit.  And, personalizing each one was so much fun– choose the hem length you desire, sleeve type, neckline..

The jumpsuits are next on my list.

I found that the shipping does take a while, but that could be due to our current situation with the pandemic.

I unfortunately don’t have any quality shots of the 3rd dress, but I think it’s pretty clear by these two how unique and well-constructed the garments are.

Happy Thursday, and happy shopping!

Eshakti Personalized Dress

Eshakti Ready to Wear