Self Care Deals

I went a little bit crazy with the perfume buying, BUT I meannnn has sweet deals, and I needed all of those scents.  And the lotion..

They have everything.  Even refillable travel atomizers“…just learned that word.  So handy, though!  I even got the cutest little travel mirror, so I can look at myself ALL OF THE TIME.  They also have discontinued scents that you can’t find anywhere else.

The three fragrances I picked out were Cashmere Mist, by Donna Karan (it smells so fresh and clean, but not at all in a citrus-y way..more like..powdery?..); Daisy, by Marc Jacobs (which, apparently is a very popular choice..can’t describe this one, sorry); and Si, by Giorgio Armani (a sweet, girly scent).  I love all my perfume babies equally.  Especially when I don’t have to break the bank for them.


you can use code JUJUPANTS now through the end of the month (8/31) to save 25% off of your purchase!

25% off!  Now through 8/31 – Code jujupants

So, happy shopping..don’t go too crazy.  But also, do.  Happy Friday!!!