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Free in DC

Free in DC

What a great city.  Not only is it hiker, biker, kayaker, vineyard-hopper ( name it) friendly, but our good ol’ District offers an impressive amount of  f r e e.  And not just the free museum entry, which we all take for granted (everyone should play tourist at least once..Segway rentals & fanny packs are optional).

So, yes, we have free entry into most of the museums, botanic garden, arboretum.. but I’m talking free events now. #spoiled

Serious note though before I move on to the events– the botanic gardens are awesome, and I really want to do a “full moon hike” at the Arboretum (just checked– spaces are filled through November).

There are always soo many free things going on in the D.C. area, so this doesn’t cover the half of it, but here’s a small roundup of some of my faves..

FREE upcoming events in the DMV (don’t forget to register/rsvp)

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