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I’m so happy I was able to attend a recent blogger event where I did more than just sip on fancy bevs, take endless photos and chitchat with fabulous friends.  Though these three ingredients are my recipe for a perfect time, there was an added bonus of learning all about (and getting hooked on) Fresh Wave.

Green themed in the spirit of Fresh Wave, the evening was fun, festive and photoshootable (duh!).  It concluded with a goodie bag filled with Fresh Wave products, which I’m quickly going through because they are SO handy.  I’ve stocked up on more of their amazing odor fighters since then and have everything I need to combat all unwanted smells (cars, shoes, kitchen, name it).  Fresh Wave is ever so clever and has come up with so many ways to eliminate odors- candles, beads, gel, detergent, spray..they definitely have it covered.

The odor fighting packs sit nicely in my boat shoes, rooms are freshened up by the candles, the tub of disappearing gel is happy under my sink, my ’97 Toyota is feeling fresh and sassy again with the spray/packs, clothes are saying bye to odors with the laundry booster… so many good things!

And the travel size spray came in handy recently for a Vegas hotel room and my suitcase of clothes.

What’s extra great about these products is that they only use natural ingredients — water and natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedarwood, so they don’t harm you or the environment.

Thank you, Fresh Wave for creating such useful and effective products!

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