Fuse Health CBD for Sleep and Relaxation

May 22, 2020 | Lifestyle

Fuse Health CBD

These Fuse Health microinfused CBD products are blowing us away! The CBD and melatonin oral sleep spray, and the Empowered muscle & joint cream really work.  I’m a bit shocked, actually.

Alexi and I have been using the oral sleep spray (a special blend of CBD, Melatonin, Valerian and other sleep-promoting nutrients) for a few nights now and each night we have experienced far improved sleep!  I usually toss and turn, but I found that when I spray this under my tongue before bed, it puts me in a calm state where my mind isn’t darting about, which helps me achieve a more solid sleep.

The “Empowered” muscle & joint cream, with 3500 Mg. Hemp Oil (which I also apply before bed) is shockingly powerful and intense, in the best way. I’ve tried Tiger Balm, Icy Hot, and other menthol creams, but none of those compare to this Fuse Health cream (they also make a 2500 Mg. Hemp Oil salve).  This stuff seriously soothes the muscles and lasts much longer than other creams/balms I’ve tried, which has reallyy come in handy lately for muscle pain due to my many live-stream workouts.  I enjoy this cream even if I’m not experiencing muscle or joint pain– it’s a self-care, relaxation product to me.

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Note that this is a paid collaboration with Fuse Health, but I always share my honest opinion.