Hand & Stone Spa Reston VA

Apr 21, 2022 | In & Around the District, Lifestyle

Hand & Stone Reston

Oh wow, my face is still glowing from my LED Skin Phototherapy facial at the lovely lakeside Hand & Stone Reston location 🤗🌟✨  #sponsored

Gulzar, a highly trained esthetician, did an absolutely amazing job, and my skin feels and looks SO soft, clear and hydrated.  Hand & Stone offers various facial options, including this LED light facial, Dermalinfusion, Microdermabrasion, and Chemical Peels.  After assessing my face, Gulzar and I decided to try the LED light facial this time, and possibly the Dermalinfusion the next.  She was gentle, but thorough, extracting white heads from my clogged nose area, and really working the products into my skin along each step of the facial (she even incorporated a neck and shoulder massage).  Hand & Stone boasts over 500 spas throughout the US and Canada, so be sure to check out a location near you!

More about my wonderful facial:

The LED facial has 4 different light options: Red, for anti-aging, bringing back collagen, and minimizing lines; Blue, for acne; Green, for dark spots; and Amber, for inflammation (great for inflamed acne).  Gulzar selected the red and green LED lights for my face, incorporating the Dermalogica skincare line into the facial.  First, she did a pre-clean of my skin to remove makeup, and then used a second cleanser with lactic acid, coconut and oils, for skin resurfacing.  The Daily Microfoliant (with rice flower and enzymes) was then used for skin brightening, followed by the Exfoliation Accelerator.  The Soothing Additive (a mixture of oils, like Rosemary) was then applied, along with the Relax Oil on top of that. After this, the Multivitamin Power Recovery masque was used to brighten my skin and help it recover from damage.  The final steps of the facial included the application of a hyaluronic serum prior to using the red and green LED lights, and this was followed up with a spritz of rose toner, a smoothing eye cream for dark circles and lines, and the Biolumin-C gel moisturizer (with vitamin c) for radiant skin.

My skin feels and looks absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait for my facial next month!  It’s an added bonus that the Hand & Stone Reston location is right by the lake and a couple of lakeside restaurants (so dreamy over there!), AND that it has such amazingly long hours (most nights it is open until 10PM).  I’m really interested to try out the Dermalinfusion for my next facial, to see the benefits of the exfoliation, extraction and infusion.  And the microdermabrasion (a mechanical exfoliation to remove dirt and brighten the skin) also sounds like a must-try.

Meanwhile, I’ve been using my Dermalogica skincare samples and products (I purchased the exfoliator), and I love them!!


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