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Hela Medical Spa DC

Hela Medical Spa Georgetown Washington DC: 

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I love this Georgetown spa so much!!  I had no idea one place could offer so many incredible services (and I had no idea some of the services even existed)!  Not only did I enjoy an anti-aging LED facial, but I was also able to try out the technology that erases cellulite, and sample the lasers that can zap a freckle away or smooth skin to perfection!

Services I was able to experience on my visit:

  • VelaShape III
  • LED facial
  • RF Body Contouring
  • KTP laser

The first service I tried was the cellulite erasing VelaShape III, and I am loving the results!!  Honestly, I HAD NO IDEA that there were such heat machines to reduce cellulite.  I see the Cryo stuff mentioned a lot, but this VelaShape III deserves some serious street cred.  VelaShape III heats the skin and uses suction to break up tissue and lessen the appearance of cellulite, and it is a non-invasive solution, with zero downtime.  It’s not the most pleasant experience, but “beauty is pain” (and sign me up again 1,000%, baiii cellulite!) .  The suction element of the session can be a bit uncomfortable in certain areas, along with the heat factor, but the technicians did a beautiful job and kept the heat at the perfect levels and were very attentive to my comfort level.  Each person has a different experience with this machine, and some feel no discomfort whatsoever, but I’m a big baby, so..  Oh, and definitely worth mentioning– this nifty little VelaShape III also provides a ‘booty lift’!  I really need to try that next time!!

Next, I tried the RF Body Contouring on my abdomen.  The RF uses radio frequency to firm and tighten your skin, and also increases collagen and elastin.   The RF tightened skin tone on my abdomen, especially around the belly button.  It sort of pulled my skin more taught and made it less puffy/flabby around the belly button (too much wine and cheese, I guess, but woohoo RF!).  Each area only takes about 10-20 minutes.

I saved the anti-aging LED facial for last– the perfect, relaxing way to close out my enlightening & beautifying spa day.  Laying in a cozy and adorably decorated room, I had my face + neck + décolletage/chest cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, extracted, massaged, and hydrated. The facials are 100% customized to each individual’s skin goals, using products and techniques to fit skincare concerns.  The LED light has the power to treat acne, stimulating collagen and elastin, and minimize wrinkles.  Yay!  I literally had a huge pimple forming on the very front and center of the tip of my nose (haha why??), and this facial cleared it right up, along with zapping bacteria underneath the skin, shrinking pores and moisturizing & smoothing the skin.  There’s no downtime for this type of facial, and I left the spa glowing and refreshed.

Just before heading out, Dr. Jonathan Drysdale, MD allowed me to check out the KTP laser, and I’m so glad he did!  Again, I had no idea this machine/technology was out there!  This laser’s magical power is fixing deep scarring and eliminating broken capillaries.  I was shown before & after photos of patients who now enjoy smooth, even skin, after dealing with acne scars.  INCREDIBLE!  The laser can also remove freckles, woah.  I was able to test it out on my broken capillaries (those pesky red squiggles that show up around the nose and cheek region), watching them immediately disappear!   …and by “watch” I mean I wore special glasses during the “zap fest” and kept my eyes tightly shut.  But my own before and after photos show the less-than-kute redness, followed by the clear skin.

Thank you, THANK YOU, Hela Medical Spa for existing.  There are so many more services I need to try! See the full list of menu items here, and book your appointment via TEXT at 202-333-4445.  Don’t forget to use the PROMO CODE Hela4Julia!

And, an added bonus– Hela Medical Spa is located in cutie Georgetown!!

Hela Georgetown


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