Hola from Colombia!

Sep 4, 2019 | Lifestyle, Travel

Cartagena Colombia

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Hola from Colombia!

Ahhhh finally visiting South America.  Hbun & I decided it was time to switch up the Euro trips and finally make the trek down to Colombia.  Granted, it’s the most northern part of South America (with Caribbean vibes) it’s still new and exciting territory for us!  BUT, I will eventually (one day) make the bucket-list Peru trip, since my Mommabear was born there and lived there till about 6 years old (grandparents were there for missionary work).

But I digress.  COLOMBIA!: 

Per usual, I’m gearing up this post pre-trip, so I can’t share any fabulous photos or experiences yet, but I do want to share my most recent travel (and everyday life) must-havesOfficial travel post to follow, with a photo diary and full tips on what to do.

Because the IG-hubs and I are both slightly terrified of this new territory, we aren’t venturing out toooo too far, but we will be exploring beautiful, colorful Cartagena (did you see the Real Housewives of NYC episode? ha) and making a trip to the Rosario Islands (Caribbean splendor, woo!).

Hopefully I’m either shopping, drinking Colombian coffee, or swimming in the Colombian Caribbean right now (perhaps all 3, with the help of beach peddlers).

On to my list of most recent must-haves in my life:


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