Jumpsuit Lyfe for Life

Periwinkle Boutique jumpsuit. Oops, forgot to zip it up

That jumpsuit lyfe, though.  Living my best jumpsuit life. 

Women's Jumpsuits

Above: Jumpsuit and booties from Periwinkle Boutique.  This one is out of stock in the boutique, but the label is L’atiste, and here are other fun ones that Periwinkle carries.

Above: Periwinkle Strapless Frayed Jumper

Femme Luxe Jumpsuit

Above: Femme Luxe belted one shoulder jumpsuit. Everything seems to be continuously on sale on their site..this is only $25.99 and fits nicely. 

Femme Luxe Jumpsuits

The above “Stone Ribbed Culotte Jumpsuit” arrived today and is a great fit!  

See this page for more Femme Luxe jumpsuits