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Le Nouveau Moi – Crisp & Cozy

Here’s my latest piece in the September/October issue of Le Nouveau Moi: “Crisp & Cozy

SO happy to have the best season almost upon us!!  Layers, foliage, pumpkin spice, boots, costumes, parties, hayrides, apple picking, pumpkin carving, cozy coffee shops….gimme!

Note: Starbucks has delayed their usual way-too-early (no such thing) return of the pumpkin spice latte till September 8…mark your calendars.

From the article:

Summer is great, but fall?  Fall is the BEST.  Not everyone may agree on that, but most tend to agree that fall fashion is the most fun.  When the temperature drops and the boots, scarves and layers come out, getting dressed in the morning gets a whole lot more interesting.
A fall crispness allows for cozying up in that favorite sweater while still showing skin with a mini skirt and statement tights (rocked with thigh high boots…ya know, if the mood strikes).  Mini skirts, thigh high boots and statement tights are just a few of the fun trends for fall.
Other trends, highlighted by my look, include sparkle & shimmer clothing, “winter cream” colored items, big jewelry, broaches, skinny scarves, oversized fur, and hats. And deconstructed denim may not be an “official” fall trend, but it’s always swoonable in my book.
Here are a few more trends to look out for this fall:
Crop tops (layered over long sleeved shirts)
Oversized pointy collars
Black lace (and head to toe black, for that matter)

Le Nouveau Moi September 2015

Le Nouveau Moi

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