Lumineux Teeth Whitening Kit

Feb 28, 2019 | Self Care

Lumineux, by Oral Essentials, is now my favorite name in the teeth whitening game. The full kit (clinically proven/enamel safe whitening strips and whitening mouthwash & toothpaste) utilizes high-quality natural oils to keep my teeth sparkling and my enamel safe. 🤗
I’ve been using the kit for about a month now, and it’s worked better for me than other products I recently tried. Unlike other strips that tend to become flimsy and fall off of your teeth (or move around), these are sturdy and coat the teeth nicely.  I only used one week of whitening strips and saw a brighter smile, and the paste and wash play a major role in maintaining the white when I’m not using the strips (ran out, need to get more!).  The strips don’t cause my mouth sensitivity, which is VERY important, and the paste and wash refreshes breath and reduces plaque.  Thirty minutes is all it takes for the strips to work their magic (most people’s commute around here) and it’s safe to use them everyday, if you desire.
Lumineux Oral Essentials’s motto is: “You shouldn’t have to choose between a product that is good for you, and a product that actually works”, so they created “an entire line of oral care products, specially designed to address every dental need, that are clinically tested and certified non-toxic” (see links below to all three of their kits).
Fun fact: this company is actually “the first ever dentist formulated, naturally derived, clinically tested, certified non-toxic oral care company in the world”.  No use of hydrogen peroxide or other harsh chemicals!
Note that this is an influencer collaboration with Lumineux Oral Essentials™, but I have only agreed to review and give my honest opinion about the product.  My teeth have always been on the white side, so I don’t know how this will perform with very yellowed teeth.  I drink a lot of tea and coffee, though, and the yellow starts to creep up very quickly, especially around the gum-line, but this kit solves that problem (so that I don’t have to drink coffee with a straw…).
Thanks for working hard to make an amazing product, Oral Essentials!
(Pic taken this morn of the current white my teeth have achieved)

Awk photo of my mouth ha but an unfiltered capture of the color.

Ignore the lips turning blue from a freezing cold photoshoot. Loving how white the chompers are

Lumineux Oral Essentials Teeth Whitening


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