Matchy Matchy: Two Piece Dresses

Dress Sets

Two Piece dresses/matching dress sets:

Matching dress sets make me so happy!  Funny how the concept of matching varies from adorable childrens’ getup, to pleasantville suburbia wives, to fashion forward, uber chic style seekers.

That’s not to say that “clashing” isn’t an equally fabulous style route to go, though.  Monochromatic schemes are wonderful too, along with simple, subtle dressing.  But if you’re going for a standout look via matching then really match.  And if you’re going to clash, don’t hold back…you don’t want it to look like an accident.

Matching is easier to pull off that clashing, for most.  It’s been made extra effortless with these beautiful matching sets– see below for shopping suggestions.  It would be fun to mix and match (aka clash) a couple of these matching sets, though…breaking alllll the rules!

Also see this post for more tips on wearing a matching set, and this post for inspo on matching your friend using one matching set!

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Shopping suggestions:Dress Sets

(Above photo) Tobi dress sets, left to Right: 1) $48 ; 2) Currently on sale for $15 ; 3) $70


Dress Sets

iLoveShowpo dress sets, left to right: 1) $70 ; 2) On sale for $41 ; 3) On sale for $41