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Happy Tuesday!  Here’s another “menspired” look (also see post Fresh Fall Style for tips on how to style a men’s shirt into a woman’s wardrobe)– good ol’ button down shirts turned glam day dresses.  This can be achieved with a regular men’s shirt, but stores make fitted and tapered women’s versions– a maxi shirt (like this one I’m wearing from H&M ($29.99), which can be worn as a shirt dress, and then, of course, legit shirt dresses.

Some shirt dresses can be pretty short, like the ones that are technically just maxi shirts (as seen on me– see pink version below), but these can absolutely be worn as a dress!  Just wear some mini shorts or a pair of leggings underneath.  They look great with boots and thigh highs, too, although that may be a bit risque for some, since covering more skin tends to highlight the part that isn’t covered.

The shorter shirt dresses/maxi shirts look better unbelted, in my opinion, but belts are great for the longer versions to break up that large span of fabric and cinch in the waist.  A blazer pulls the look together (oh shocker, Blazers and Bubbly is recommending a blazer!), and the more fitted and tapered the blazer is, the better when paired with this silhouette. Boxy blazers tend to work best when paired with fitted silhouettes.  Here is the blazer I’m wearing, also from H&M- I love it so much!  It has a beautiful, feminine shape and a comfy stretch to the fabric.

A note on the shirt dress I’m wearing- I jazzed it up by sewing a popcorn patch (here’s a cute one on Etsy) on the collar and added “Juju” on the back.

I’ve completed a hunt on the interwebs for you and come up with a few trusty shirt dress picks.  See roundup and links below.


1)H&M,$29.99; 2)H&M, sale for $30; 3)Anthropologie,$138; 4)Boohoo,$40; 5)Forever21,$22.90; 6)NastyGal,$48; 7)ASOS,$468)Zara,$49






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