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Mionetto Prosecco Brunch

Mionetto prosecco miniature size bottles

Ok, I’m hooked.  Mionetto prosecco is the perfect bubbly for a Sundayfunday brunch.  It tastes delicious (both the Mionetto Prosecco Brut and the Mionetto Prestige Collection Rosé Extra Dry), and it pairs well with any selection of juices for a refreshing “miomosa”.

Bonus–  it looks and sounds super fancy, but it won’t break the bank.  Read this excerpt from the Mionetto site:

Mionetto’s DNA is an integration of heritage, premium quality, taste and style, where everything comes together as a single, unique emotion.  An experience that we call Design del Gusto.

Oh mmkur, I’m on board.

My friends and the IG-hubs were very pleased with their seemingly bottomless consumption of the Prosecco during our Sunday brunch picnic in the park, and we had at least 3 different admiring clumps of people stop to chat with us about it.

If only we could remember that brunch should not extend to 10PM and later.  Why is it so hard to stop the party??

Looking forward to the next Mionetto brunch with a fall theme!  Eeeeee best time of the year, let’s go!

Order Mionetto here, from Drizly. 

The cute mini bottles definitely added to the brunch aesthetic, and the “drinkstagrammable kit” was great for mixing and decorating cups.