My Recent Spring Looks

Happy WhateverDayItIs!

Hopefully I’m catching you guys on an up day…If you’re anything like me, the mood can certainly shift (if only the rain would just stop).  For the most part, I’ve gotten used to quarantine life and am loving being out at Bryce Resort (my childhood home and happy place).  That’s definitely a huge bonus/blessing.  When it’s time to socialize again, I may be even weirder than I was pre-isolation ha.

The live-stream workout classes are keeping my endorphins up and whipping me into shape, while the online clothing orders are the motivation behind the workouts haha.  Gotta look good for my new swimsuit and two piece outfits…

I know I’m only wearing my new looks in photos and for the cows to see, but hey, they bring me joy.  And my closet is looking fyyyyne.  Once this self-isolation period is over, girllll, I will have my vacation looks ready.

I have linked my 3 new Showpo looks in this post, and since purchasing these I have ordered a few more dresses and matching sets, because they have so many cute styles on sale (70% off)!!!