My/Mo Mochi

MyMo Mochi

Beat that August heat with these deeelightful mochi treats!  My/Mo Mochi makes the best flavors to go inside of that delicious sweet rice dough.  ALL the noms.  All of it.  And only 110 calories per mochi.

I currently have all 7 flavors in my freezer:

Double Chocolate
Green Tea
Cookies & Cream
Ripe Strawberry
Sweet Mango
Mint Chocolate Chip
Vanilla Bean

That’s literally all that is in my freezer, actually.  Make roooom frozen veggies, we have ice cream coming through.

I mean, it’s like a requirement for summer.  Enjoy for breakfast or a mid day pick-me-up, or pack them on a picnic and make everyone’s day.

Find these at stores like Safeway, Whole Foods and Harris Teeter.