Nantucket Photo Diary

Jul 9, 2020 | Lifestyle, Travel

Vintage Ford Branco

11 glorious summer days in stunning Nantucket– here’s a photo recap of what I saw and where I went, but this is pretty much just a picture book of a picture-perfect place.  Due to “the age of the ‘rona”, I didn’t eat out at restaurants or go out to bars, but is there really a need for such places when every nook and cranny is ideal for picnicking?

The town is precious, with cobblestone streets and chic boutiques.  The neighborhoods are lined with hydrangeas of vibrant, varying shades of blue and purple, with pink roses ascending walls of perfectly manicured homes.  Basket-clad beach cruisers carry tanned riders to (surprisingly) clear, refreshing waters (Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Ocean City anymore).  The beaches boast expansive stretches of sand with minimal visitors (although, apparently August is the busy season).  Historic lighthouses dot the island, offering quintessential coastal vibes.   And, the luxury of staying in a charming 1793 home right on Main Street was the cherry on top (thanks, Sam!!).

What a special place…

Airplane view of Nantucket

Madaket Beach Nantucket

Madaket Beach

Main Street Nantucket Island

Main Street

Jetties Beach nantucket

Jetties beach— shallow water and a sandbar you can play on (this was one of my favorite spots). There is also a restaurant here.

Juice Bar Nantucket

The Juice Bar was voted best ice cream among our crew..

Juice Bar Nantucket

Cisco Beach Nantucket

Cisco Beach

Toggery Shop Nantucket Nantucket Shopping Hydrangeas Nantucket

Nantucket Streets

Town of Nantucket - shops


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