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New Hair Who Dis? The Studeo DC – Hairdreams Extensions

Hairdreams Nano extensions

The Studeo DC mermaid-Barbie extensions:

Wanna know what’s better than new shoes and a bag? New haiiirrrr.

Thank you, thank youu, Frankie (hair genius at The Studeo salon in Dupont) for doing an amazing job jazzing up my otherwise “meh” hair with Hairdreams Nano hair extensions!

I’ve gotten real extensions once before (around this time last year actually), but there is a huge difference between the two types of extensions that I have now tried.   Last year I got the tape-ins, but this time around I went with the Nano technology, and these feel much lighter!  BUT this also has a HUGE part to do with the type of hair that was used: Hairdreams.

Hairdreams is the top quality when it comes to real human hair extensions.  I don’t feel any extra weight with these, but my hair is long and full. I don’t even notice them until I go to sleep, and that takes getting used to because of the bonds, but that’s to be expected.

Here is what Hairdreams states about their high quality hair:

“We only work with the best and highest-grade hair, which is procured all over the world in adherence with strict ethical principles.

Intricate and laborious sorting and refinement processes are used to produce human hair lengthening and thickening products with the brilliant natural shine, elasticity and bounce, characterizing real Hairdreams hair.”

Um, I’m a fan and a half.  Their strands are luscious and healthy, and they even look great when air-dried! BUT you must at least always dry the bonds after washing, because water isn’t good for them.  Hairdreams has even perfected some amazing hair care products, so that cleaning and maintaining the health and shine of your locks (and whoever else’s your wearing in your head haa) is easy.

My favorite thing about the Nano is that they don’t show like the tape-ins!  I had no idea there were extensions that could blend so nicely, because I had only experienced the very obvious rectangular pieces of tape.  I don’t mean to bash the tape-ins so much..they are a fine way to go, but I think we all have cowlicks or spots that our hair doesn’t quite grow the direction that we want it, or maybe thins out at a certain point, and then the block of tape is obvious in that zone.  With Nano, the wind could blow your hair all around and the bonds are discrete enough that no one would be like- holddd up, what’s in your hair?? It’s no wonder that this Hairdreams Nano system is the favorite among extension-seekers.  The only downside is the price point, but that is something to discuss with the salon to determine the cost for your specific needs.

Ok, so a recap of the process and more info on what Nano actually means:

Before the official extensions day arrived, I had a consultation with Frankie to discuss what I could expect with the extensions and to determine what shades of hair would be a perfect fit for me. We picked four varying shades of Hairdreams blonde that matched my hair and maintained a natural look.

(Thank you, Bun, for coming with me both times, you are the BEST IG-hubs a girl could ask for)

On the official “get hair extensions day eeeee”, the first thing The Studeo did was wash and coat my hair in a restore & repair hair treatment and place me under a dryer for a few minutes so that we could get my strands as healthy as possible prior to adding the mermaid-barbie extensions.  I was then given a blow-out, so that my luscious new extensions would have a polished place to live.

The four previously selected shades of blonde were then blended together by hand, so that the rows of hair to insert with the Nano technology would have lowlights and highlights, as my current hair does.

And then….it was time!!  Laserbeam me!

The actual Nano “Laserbeamer” installation of the extensions only took about 45 minutes and was fun to watch in the mirror.  Frankie used a device known as a Laserbeamer, which kind of looks like a radar gun or a hairdryer, to bond the extensions to my hair.  This allows multiple bonds to be applied to my hair with each “click” of the ‘beamer, making it a very speedy process to install the 150 total strands of Nano.  These “bonds”, made up of a crystal polymer blend, wrap around my own hair strands so that the laserbeamer heats up the bond without damaging my own locks.  It bonds and grips the hair but does not fuse like keratin extensions. Because of this grip action rather than the fusing method, the removal process is far less damaging, or maybe not even damaging at all.

Note that the bonds start out a lot more stiff when first applied but within a week or so they feel one with your hair, and it’s ok to brush right over them (carefully) with a “wet brush“.

Unlike tape-ins that need to be moved up on your strands every couple of months, these remain in your hair for 4-6 months (technically up to 8 months, but that’s probably not very realistic), and highlights/root touch up can be performed with them in (but your color guy/girl better know how to work with Nano bonds or you could ruin them!).

A bit on post-extension-day:

  • Wait at least 3 days to wash your hair (using the Hairdreams shampoo and conditioner)
  • Always dry the bonds after washing (it’s ok to let the rest of your hair air dry)
  • Schedule a 2 week follow up with the salon to check in and make sure all is going well and decide then if you need a trim or layer.
  • Get a “tidy cut” at the salon after 8 weeks, to trim the tiny hairs that naturally poke out around the bonds

I’ve had these Nano Hairdreams extensions in now for about one week and haiiii I feel great.  Long hair, don’t care; sassy strut action; find me swimming with the dolphins wearing only shells.. I’m so happy these last as long as they do, because these locks are giving me life.  Not sure if that’s super shallow or not ahaha but mermaid life for lyfe please.  Keep following along on the adventures of Julie and Hair on Instagram (@juju_pants), and feel free to email/message me with any questions about this process.

The Studeo DC


The Studeo DC hair extensions