Nish Patel Photography and 70s Jumpsuits

Nish Patel Photography - Julie Holland fashion shoot in 70s jumpsuit

Nish Patel Photography and 70’s Jumpsuits:

This was part of a two-outfit shoot in Meridian Hill Park, with a not so discreet outfit change. Haii, world.  See shots of the 2nd outfit here (the black lace romper).

Outfit #1 comprised of a wide leg vintage jumpsuit and matching jacket from the 1970’s, which used to belong to my mommabear.  She wore this in college and thought she was hot stuff.  Girl still is.

This jumpsuit set is def an attention grabbing piece (especially when I trip over the longg pant legs), and I don’t have to worry about anyone having the same outfit.  If you’re looking for a retro jumpsuit of your own, check out ASOS Marketplace, where you can shop legit vintage pieces.

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Nish Patel Meridian Hill Park DC

1970s jumpsuitvintage 70s jumpsuit

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