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Outdoor Movies in the DC Area


So many free movies, so little time!

Here are my top two favorite spots to catch a film under the stars:

  1. Rosslyn (movies play in Gateway Park; the series runs June through August, every Friday)
  2. Georgetown (a NEW thing for Georgetown..movies play right along the river at the Waterfront Park; July 7 through August 4, every Tuesday)

And Here is a link to a complete list of outdoor movies in the D.C. area.  You could almost catch a movie a night the way they are spread out throughout the week.

Screen on the Green (on the National Mall; Monday nights) is another great spot…just a lot more crowded.

Movies typically don’t start until 8:45, but get there early, pack a picnic and enjoy the sunset!

Rosslyn outdoor movies:

The theme this year is LOL Fridays: Quotable Comedies, and Clueless is playing this Friday!!  I happened to catch this playing a few years ago at Gateway Park– see this post.

Rosslyn Outdoor Movies


Rosslyn Outdoor Movies


Georgetown outdoor movies:

It’s the very first year Georgetown has offered outdoor movies, and it’s a perfect location for it- a beautiful park setting, along the river, with the Key Bridge in the background.  Also an excellent people watching spot!

The theme for this summer series is movies filmed in or inspired by Georgetown.

Georgetown Outdoor Movies

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Georgetown Outdoor Movies