Pancake Possibilities!

I probably should have posted this on national pancake day, but I wasn’t aware there was one (I should have known… there’s a national everything day).

This birthday cake flavored pancakes mix, found at World Market, is sooo delish (tastes like funfetti..colorful bits and all)!

Since pancakes are go-to for many, here is a brief roundup of cute & yummy pancake ideas to enjoy over the weekend (see bottom of post).  You should probably grab some mimosa supplies to go with them!  Also, follow this link to an older post of mine: Pink Protein Pancakes, and see my bunny pancakes below.



photo 4


Roundup of cute/yummy pancake ideas:

1) Easter is coming up– here is a bunny pancake I made last Easter, using peanut butter, cool whip, peanuts, chocolate chips and an M&M.

photo 1

And I want to make ALL of these!..

2) Burger Pancakes, 3) Caramel Apple Pancakes, 4) White Chocolate and Raspberry Pancakes, 5) Rainbow Pancakes