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Rawfully Delish Healthy Cakes

Rawfully Delish: Cakes that are good for you!

Ok, YAY, thank you for existing!!  Not only are these amazing for the obvious reason that they are healthy cakes, but health aside (and true to the name) they are DELISH!

Tatiana, the lovely genius behind these “good for you cakes”, decided to create raw cakes for a very good reason–  She shares that:

“The more I researched it, the positive benefits of eating raw could not be ignored. I would have more energy, fewer cravings for unhealthy foods, healthier skin, weight stability, less anxiety, and better sleep habits (to name a few!).  But where is the dessert in all of this? The options are limited and all of them are loaded with ingredients I can’t pronounce and side effects that won’t do me any good.”

The Rawfully Delish cakes that she has created can be enjoyed by “people with diabetes, pregnant women, and kids of all ages.”  They are gluten-free, lactose-free and also free of refined sugar.  Only good ingredients are used, such as “activated nuts, homemade nut milk, raw cacao powder, coconut products, fruits, superfoods, and low-glycemic sweeteners.”

I ordinarily avoid eating cake and pretty much all desserts entirely (yeah, if you see sweets on my feed it’s because I’m taking a photo of someone else’s dessert.  Pizza is another story though..).  The best part about these healthy cakes for me is that they are not only 100% delicious but they are 100% guilt free and can be eaten as dessert or the meal itself!  Cake for breakfast? YES PLEASE.  …The “Coffee cream pie” flavor perhaps or the “pumpkin pie” to go with my pumpkin coffee…

The boo-thang and I made quick work of the two ADORABLE mini cakes that were seriously almost too pretty to eat.  The apricot and goji berry “Celestial Kiss” (available in other flavor combinations soon) and the purple heart “Super Berry” with sprinkles of dehydrated raspberries were SO good I cannot believe they are healthy too!

And I love that I can keep the cakes in the freezer until I’m ready to eat them and then simply take them out one hour or so before the chow down sesh.  They melt just the right amount once thawed out and become more of a mousse-like consistency.  Stashed away for a later date is the Chai cardamom black tea spiced cake, adorned with the most beautiful edible roses and cardamom.  These can keep in the freezer for up to one month or in the fridge for 7 days.

Rawfully Delish also make custom cakes, so shoot them an email!

Rawfully Delish DC healthy cakes

healthy cakes dc

Frozen cakes (they have a yummy gooey consistency when thawed)