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Revel Mopeds Washington D.C.

GoRevel DC

Revel electric mopeds are SO much fun!!  They make getting around the city easier, and it’s a fantastic way to take in the beauty of D.C.’s neighborhoods.

Helmets are inside a case on the back of the moped– Just download the app to locate one of the many mopeds around the DCizzle, and go!

It’s only $1 per person to unlock the moped, and then $0.35 a minute to ride.  The app offers the ability to “pause” the journey and “resume” afterwards, charging less while paused and ensuring your moped is still there for you when you’re ready to continue the adventure.

I want to ride these allllllll over the city!!   Alexi and I had a fabulous SundayFunday riding a Revel around for hours.  We walked over the key bridge to Georgetown, hopped on a moped and rode all through the gorgeous Gtown streets and on to the National Cathedral garden, where we paused the ride for a picnic.

(Helmets are not pictured, but we wore them!)

Pink House Georgetown DC

Georgetown Cobblestone Streets

Key bridge boathouse - boating DC

National Cathedral Garden DC