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Rootie Root Lifter

Rootie Volumizer

This “Rootie” root lifter by Voloom, is like a mini hair crimper with a way better concept than creating huge crazy 80s hair.  It makes so much sense!  Who doesn’t want more volume?  (No, it’s not a pregnancy test….I got wayy too many responses thinking that’s what it was in my instagram feed ugh!   Made you look twice at least).

The caption from my Instagram post:  Big hair for a big social life. Ok, the social life isn’t that big..fleece onesies & Stranger Things consumes most of it. BUT this Rootie root lifter is pretty sweet. It crimps + creates texture to the hidden under-layers of your hair, creating a fuller effect.

(A note on Stranger Things, above– oh my goodness, it’s surprisingly addicting.  Given my love for Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl, I didn’t think I would enjoy it haa but I DO. Watch it)

Give this fun little tool (NON pregnancy test) a try and you can see for yourself the va-va-voom effect!  It’s super easy to use– just clamp it down for a couple of seconds on as many layers of hair as you’d like, close to the root area, but leave the top layer untouched so that it hides the crimp.

Thank you, Statusphere, for this awesome gift!