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Rosslyn O2 Outdoor Office

Rosslyn VA Outdoor Offices

Outfit deets: VICI sweater, Hylete fleece-lined leggings, Periwinkle Boutique Boots

Rosslyn O2 Outdoor Office Space (located in Gateway Park):

I pretty much tell you guys every damn day how much I love Rosslyn, BUT.. let me tell you how much I love Rosslyn ha.  Maybe it helps that my apartment views are of Georgetown, and that I used to run around Rosslyn as a tiny nugget, but I hear from a lot of people that they too love the Rossiland.

Rosslyn is such a perfect, quiet bubble of mini-city life, just over the bridge from Georgetown (my other great love), with easy access to all of the great D.C. spots.  It has parks, cute coffee shops, running/bike trails, and all of the essentials you could need, like Target, District Taco, Paint Nail Bar (just opened!), and Lava Barre.

Walk or bike along the river, on the Mt. Vernon trail; picnic at Roosevelt Island (technically D.C. but an easy walk if you live in Rossi); lounge in the secluded space of Freedom Park, take in the view from the “View of DC” observation deck; grab a beer in the Continental beer garden (and sip by a fire-pit); shop the (seasonal) farmers market in the main plaza; enjoy a rooftop dining experience at Sfoglina; walk across the Key Bridge into neighboring Georgetown; find your work flow in Gateway Park the new physically-distant outdoor office space:

How kute is this?!  I didn’t even capture the full space in these photos (woops ha).  There’s another section of the park with work spots set up, AND you can enjoy sitting on the lawn if you choose (WiFi works there too).

The Brand Guild definitely prettied-up the space, and it’s a MUCH NEEDED change of scenery for me from the cramped/noisy home-office.

AND, Rosslyn is running restaurant specials for O2 guests– @NandosUSA is giving guests free appetizers when you pick up the discount card at the check-in desk!

Reserve your (FREE) spot here (or just plop onto a grassy knoll).

(Professional photos here are by @SamKittner)