Serenata Passport Series – La Cosecha Market D.C.

Mar 5, 2020 | Eats, In & Around the District, Lifestyle

Serenata Latino Cocktail Bar

Wooo, we are Serenata passport holders!

Serenata, located in La Cosecha Market in Union Market District, is a full-service Latino cocktail experience.  The cocktails are sourced and inspired by the countries that make up the Latin American heritage, and the “Passport Series” is the absolute cutest!

By becoming a Passport holder, you can exclusively sample one unique cocktail per month from the monthly featured country– available only to passport holders! You will also be invited to exclusive tastings, events, classes, and specials only available to passport holders.

“Serenata, meaning serenade in Spanish, is meant to inspire with its ingredients and their origins. Like a serenade, it will take you on a journey through the countries of Latin America, with its cocktails, food, and people. Using tropical fruits, origin spirits, and world-renowned techniques to craft each drink as a unique experience”.

Alexi and I had the best time living that exclusive life, as part of the few to access a unique, off-menu cocktail (only 125 passports are available!).

The cocktails and food are incredible!!

We each had a couple of cocktails and dishes, and were VERY impressed.  Many people were swooning over my ‘grams of the conch shell cocktail (the “Mar Caribe”)…HOW AMAZING is the presentation??  Edible flowers and all.  And it tastes every bit as good as it looks.

Outside of the “dreamy mermaid conch shell made-for-the-gram cocktail” (as I call it), the Ambrosia was our favorite.

I was able to nibble on delectable vegetarian bites (the Tostada Azteca, though! yumm), while Alexi devoured his flavorful Latin American meat dishes .  See photos below.

The space is comfortable and laid back.  Sip some bevz and browse some of the shops, or wander upstairs to the art on display.

“Passports are $45 each or $80 for two, available for purchase at the bar or online. Each passport is valid for three destinations, meaning you get three cocktails* total, to be redeemed once per month for three months. When you purchase your passport you will also be invited to exclusive tastings, events, classes, and specials  only available to passport holders”.

Can’t wait to get back for our next cocktail travels!

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