Servium Guest House Bed and Breakfast Petersburg VA

Jan 3, 2020 | In & Around the District, Lifestyle, Travel

Servium Guest House Bed & Breakfast Petersburg VA

Servium Guest House Bed and Breakfast: 

Yet another great B&B experience!  This one is coming in the lead.  

Servium means “I will serve” in Latin, and hosts Kimberly and Randy certainly accomplished this during our plush stay at the Servium Guest House, where Alexi and I felt catered to and pampered.  Kimberly and Randy were exceptionally kind to us and also a lot of fun to talk to and hang out with.

We stayed in the King Suite, which was the larger of the two rooms, complete with an electric fireplace and the comfiest bed I’ve ever laid in (a signature Bellagio bed from Vegas, NEED), and included thoughtful touches like robes & slippers and sparkling water.  The room oozed romance, and though the hosts’ room is across the hall, we felt total privacy and solitude.  The bathroom is not connected to the room, but is just down the hall, and is stocked with soft towels and plenty of products to try out (and a hair dryer, straightener and curler).  If guests occupy the Queen Suite, then the bath becomes only a shared option (luckily no one had booked this room).

When we finally pulled ourselves out of bed after check-in, to get ready for the evening, we found a fondue surprise awaiting us on the table outside our bedroom door. Rich melted cheese, soft bread and pretzel bites, green olives… the perfect snack to hold us over until our 9:30 NYE dinner reservation.  We munched, downed more White Claw between the Egyptian cotton sheets and prepared to ring in the New Year.  Before ubering into the tiny downtown of Petersburg, we enjoyed a complimentary drink with our hosts.

Dinner was at the raved about Brickhouse Run pub and restaurant, operating out of a 190-year old building in historic Olde Towne Petersburg, VA.  We polished off four courses in no time, and welcomed in 2020 with the friendly locals before heading back to our beautiful B&B.  I can’t stop dreaming about the Burrata & Beets, Mushroom Risotto and Chestnut Profiteroles, but unfortunately we drank too much beforehand and neither one of us can quite recall the 3rd course ha.

To our delight, another surprise awaited us upon our return to the B&B– chocolate covered strawberries and a couple glasses of Port wine (yayy!).  But the bed was calling, and we had to wait until the morning to enjoy this treat.

After hitting snooze on 10-20 alarms, and feeling bad that Kimberly had to ring the breakfast bell more than once, we finally rolled out of bed around noon and headed down to the feast in our robes.

Breakfast was absolutely incredible– no less than you would expect from Michelin star chef, Kimberly.  We were able to choose from at least 10 menu items, all of which could be personalized to our tasting (how wonderful for vegetarians!), and were also able to choose between meal times (that’s rare!).  We washed down our stacked plates with bellinis, french press coffee and orange juice, and struggled to fit the beautiful assortment of fresh fruit into our packed bellies.  The dining room was exquisite, with Christmas ornaments dangling from the chandelier and ornate accents all throughout the room.  Our hosts even provided a fun conversation game for our entertainment.

It was hard to leave this luxurious stay, but once we finally said goodbye, we were sent home with a bag of fresh herbs from the garden and a heaping helping of fresh fruit salad.

My only regret is that we didn’t stay two nights.  Next time.

The King Suite

Servium Guest House bed & breakfast

The “Zen room” and workout space

The Queen Suite

Brickhouse Run restaurant and pub

historic Petersburg, VA

Our two breakfasts and the two surprise snacks.

Dining in our comfy robes; edible flowers on my plate


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