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Shilling Canning Company Navy Yard DC

Shilling Canning Company

Shilling Canning Company —  new restaurant in Navy Yard, D.C.:

Add this hot new spot to your date-night list ASAP!

I’m no foodie, but this dining experience checks all of the boxes:  Shilling Canning’s “modern mid-Atlantic” flavors are pure satisfaction, and the menu is ever-changing (vegetarian options, too!); the service is amazing (and executive chef, Reid Shilling, is so kind and personable); the ambiance is comfortable and chic (peep the chefs preparing food in the open kitchen, and check out those huge windows!); and the location is great (catch the new Light Yards exhibit across the street or venture down the road a piece to Enchant Christmas).

The IG-Hubs, Alexi, is the foodie in this relationship (Yelp Elite 2 years strong, haiii), so I will let him take it away:

This is the best all-around restaurant I have been to in Washington DC. They not only have the best steak and seafood, but they include some of the most interesting plates around. Reid, the owner and head chef, and his team are whizzes in the kitchen. Everything was cooked to perfection.

We got the Roasted Fall Squash and Oysters to start off along with their delicious dry cider and blood red rosé to drink, which is from Rosemont of Virginia, and is classified as a Chambourcin for all the Wine-O’s out there. They also now have a brunch that includes Cider Mimosas for the cider enthusiasts, which sound much more appealing to me over the common champagne. The squash has recently slightly changed to the Roasted Banana Squash, and both have the brown butter vinaigrette, which pairs extremely well as the sauce. The pickled watermelon mignonette was refreshing to drizzle on the oysters. Second time getting them here. Can’t not.

Recently my girlfriend got the Gnudi which was outstandingly smooth and the mushroom cream was light and fluffy. It’s also really fun to say you’re getting a “Gnudi” for dinner. Sick dinner date joke potential. I got the Ember Roasted Swordfish, which is a dish they recently cycled in. They change their menu often, and I can’t say I’ve ever run into anything that didn’t agree with my palate. The fish went extremely well with the cauliflower & brown butter. What’s amazing is that the dish was presented in an entirely different way than I thought it would be, and even so, everything completely worked together, getting the taste of every ingredient in the dish in every bite. You really enjoy every bite at Shilling Canning.

I’d also like to point out that my girlfriend is a vegetarian and there have always been ample options for her, and as a meat eater I’ve enjoyed each of them (we’ve been here three times).

They surprised us with some macaroon puffs for dessert and it was a pleasant cap to dinner. Just all around nice people here, and outstanding service to boot. Waiter(s) were at our table whenever we needed them, but gave us the space in order to properly enjoy and take in the atmosphere and conversation. They were also very patient and informative, as I tend to ask a lot of (great) questions. This is one of the most visually stimulating restaurants you will go to, with a modern chic feel and so much of the kitchen exposed including a beautiful copper oven. Definitely the place to impress a date.

I will come here time and time again.

– Alexi

Shilling Canning Company

Roasted Fall Squash


Ember Roasted Swordfish

Light Yards D.C.

Photo from our first visit. Executive chef Reid Shilling on right, with wife, Sara.