Spring Smoothies


It was smoothie season for a second there…ah, those 75 degree February days..

More sunbathing days are just around the corner– just as soon as we get past this current winter storm advisory (give me all the snow!).

In the meantime, you can begin rounding up some refreshing spring recipes to try, like those linked below…

*The smoothie pictured here is simply frozen raspberries (no need for ice), scoop of vanilla protein powder, a splash of vanilla creamer, half a cup of water, and a scoop of raspberry sorbet (add more water or milk if it’s too thick).

I use the ninja blender– it’s a-maze.
These straws are from Target.  Find them here.
Also see this earlier post for a pbj smoothie.

Here’s my list of must-make smoothies:

  1. Raspberry Orange (from
  2. Coconut Strawberry blend (from
  3. Spring Detox Green (from
  4. Banana Bread Smoothie (from
  5. Strawberry Apricot Sunrise (from


IMG_3626 IMG_3625