Styled Small Clothing

Styled Small Jumpsuit

I’m so happy that Styled Small reached out to me and I was able to galavant around in these two gorgeous numbers from their collection! The hot pink dress is perfection, and the shimmery jumpsuit is so unique and eye catching.

The “Shimmer and Shine” jumpsuit:

I dressed this down and gave it a boho feel, but there’s a clear sticky inside trim on the straps so that this can be worn braless, with the straps pulled more tightly back.  The straps are really long so that they can criss-cross around the back and also the front waist (see images on their site).

The “Clear My Schedule” dress:

Packed this in my suitcase to Florida and it was the perfect throw on piece that made me feel polished and dolled up.  The fabric is smooth and a bit “swooshy” (can’t tell from these pics) so it doesn’t wrinkle easily, and the color is SO pretty! I’m obsessed with the blazer-like folds on the front (it’s a faux wrap dress), and adjustable straps make such a difference.  Tie the sash in the back or at the side..