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The Beach at National Building Museum


I love interactive art exhibits that resemble a McDonald’s play place ball pit!  This was even better than the Andy Warhol “Silver Clouds” interactive exhibit (see older post).

You can grab a beach chair, lounge under an umbrella, or dive right into the “ocean” of balls.

This is the last week to attend this exhibit (last day is September 7th)!  Unfortunately the museum closes pretty early (4 or 5), other than WEDNESDAY, when they have late nights.  These go until 9:00, and they don’t mind if you show up at 8:30…even if 30 minutes is all you can make it to– so worth it!  They even sell wine and beer there!

Admission is $16 for adults, but online ticket sales are no longer offered, and if you are attending the Wednesday late night, you must buy your ticket before 7:00.  More info here, on the National Building Museum site.

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The Beach DC National Building Museum

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Sitting on the ledge, with our feet in the “water”

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