The LadyBossBlogger Course Improved My Confidence in My Blogging Abilities

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As you may have read in my blog post a couple of months ago, I have been taking the How To Make Money Blogging course, offered by Elaine Rau of LadyBossBlogger, and I have now completed the course, yay!  I’m so happy that I took this course since it truly covers everything (even the legal pages your blog needs)!  I now feel more confident in my blogging abilities and can’t wait to continue applying all that I have learned and progress to greater success (ha, had to throw in a rhyme there).

Here are just a few points that stand out from what I learned and improved upon:

  • I finally set up a shop section on my blog so my readers can easily access discount codes and my affiliate links
  • I’ve realized that what I name my blog posts needs improvement– I wasn’t making the titles eye-catching or incentivizing enough.
  • I’ve become inspired to create more numbered blog posts (i.e.- top 5 beauty products), as those are favored most.
  • Pinterest can really drive traffic to your site, and this course has a helpful chapter on creating pinnable pins, optimizing your boards…
  • You can find what people are interested in by scrolling to the bottom of your page where Google gives you more suggestions related to the keyword you typed in– this can help you curate relevant content.
  • There are platforms available, like FastBase, to help turn site visitors into leads, to gain more collaborations with brands.
  • Linking within your own posts is a great thing because that will get people to stay longer on your site, which indicates to Google that you have good content, which then puts you at a higher ranking.
  • I realized the importance of email marketing and learned ways to build my list, which platforms to use, and what to include in every email.

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Here are a few additional LadyBossBlogger Resources:

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  3. 5-Day Master Affiliate Marketing
  4. 3-Day Become An Instagram Influencer

Thank you LadyBossBlogger + Elaine Rau for sponsoring this post and guiding me to a higher level of blogging!

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