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ToSave.Com Steals cat bag has just about everything that you could convince yourself you need, and all for a bargain price.

For only $15, I was able to order this souups adorbz pink cat bag (also available in silver, blue and black), a cream gel glitter eye shadow that def works as body glitter too (which grown men on a recent Vegas trip found to be simply the best thing ever..#vayyg), concealer, and waterproof liquid eye liner.

The concealer was the only disappointing item (it’s only like $1 soooo I mean..), everything else is great!  Although, I should note that the “waterproof” liquid eye liner comes off pretty easily if you rub your eye..  Back to concealers– a concealer that does do what it claims to (baiii under eye circles), is IT Cosmetics, Bye Bye Under-eye.  

Find the cat bag here, for only $10.21 and the eye glitter/body glitter here, for only $1.81.  I plan on buying many more of these glitter creams- so good for concerts, festivals, bachelorette parties, EVERYDAY LIFE.

This bag has gotten around..