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Treehouse Glamping

Treehouse glamping

This treehouse glamping adventure was seriously SO awesome ahhhh!!  It’s only about 2 hours outside of DC, located in Linden, VA.  There’s not a whole lot in Linden, but it’s definitely a beautiful drive to the treehouse, and it’s near the adorable town of Front Royal, which is worth spending a couple of hours in.  There are also plenty of vineyards in the area to fill out that itinerary.

You may have seen my post on Glamping Style, where I shared photos in a different “treehouse” of sorts (in Charlottesville, VA), but that one was really just a house on stilts.  It was amazing inside though, with log cabin vibes and a ladder up to a loft area.  But, the “treehouse on stilts” had electricity, a pretty normal bathroom, and was not built high into the trees of a beautiful forest, so it was quite a different experience than this legit treehouse in Linden, VA.

I loved everything about this treehouse.  I didn’t even mind climbing down to the ground to go to the bathroom (just pop a squat, it’s much better than using the porta potty).

I read about this cozy spot it in one of the DC magazines, at the salon one day, and immediately booked a night on Airbnb.  Find it here.

There was a whole welcoming committee of adorable dogs, and someone met us by the treehouse to show us around and explain how things worked.  There’s no electricity, but plenty of LED and fairy lights, and a gas stove for cooking.  Build a fire in the fire-pit, hangout on the nice deck area up in the trees, or explore the 200 acres of trails around.

There’s very little service, but if you would like to use your phone for its camera or flashlight then you will want to pack an external battery charger and cord!  I also made sure that my laptop was fully charged and rented a dvd from redbox.

In the morning, head over to the popular Apple House for some fresh cider donuts (while you finallyyy get to use the interwebies and instagram your heart out).

These photos seriously do not do it’s so charming and beautiful.  And, there’s a lot more I could say about its quirks and beauty, but aren’t we all stressed AF right now??  Fast facts.  Eye candy.

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Photo from first “treehouse on stilts” getaway

Photo from first “treehouse on stilts” getaway

Photo from first “treehouse on stilts” getaway