Candy Colors

Pink and teal make a beautiful candy color scheme for spring.  Pair ripped jeans with classic pink pumps for an edgy feminine look, and complete it with a colorful biker jacket (a fun spin on the tough & serious feel of basic black), along with a cutesie t-shirt or tank.

Pulling off a colorful look is best done when matched with the same type of color (i.e. vibrant pastels paired with similar vibrant pastels rather than true pastels mixed with more intense shades).  If I had retained any color wheel terminology, I could probably explain this better…

BUT pastels can absolutely be coordinated with a neon touch, or a more vibrant/richer hue, but that’s just the key– incorporate just a touch of either the neon(/richer hue) or the pastel into the overall look (a neon crop top for example, with a powder pink blazer and off-white jeans).

See my outfit details below and my shopping suggestions on where to find a similar look.

See this earlier post of mine for my spring trend report in Le Nouveau Moi magazine, touching on Pantone colors for spring.

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The Outfit:

  • Teal biker jacket- Forever21
  • Ripped jeans- H&M
  • Blouse- Zanzea Collection
  • Pink pumps- Amalfi
  • Clutch- H&M

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