Freezy Freakies gloves

Ahhhhhhh how cute are these color changing remakes of the original Freezy Freakies gloves?!  They were originally made for kids in the 80s, but haiiii, I think adults probably appreciate them even more.

I’m wearing this unicorn style that appears when the temps drop (or when touched with a cold bev), and the bro is wearing the skier (which doesn’t show up quite as bold as the unicorn but still SO cute and the perfect shade of 80s pink).  They also carry a “robot” and “fighter jet” design, along with a couple of others.  They’re surprisingly warm, too…pretty and functional, woo!

Get ready for so many peace signs and pics that look like they belong on the over of an old school math book..

Oh, and see this post for deets on the American flag ski bibs seen in these pics..

Freezy Freakies gloves

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