French Riviera Travel Recap

Nice France French Riviera

French Riviera Travel Recap: 

France makes me happies. the French Riviera.  I mayde frends with bubbly bevs.

Like, but do you ever even ever like stop and wonder how all of the stuff and things got so pretty?  There’s water and sky and fish and shoes and it’s all just so great.

ahahah ok French Riviera RECAP:

  • Nice is nice but I found the small towns far more enjoyable.  Dipping in blue water and popping over to H&M is a pretty sweet combo, but feeling removed from the hustle and bustle is key.  Nice, France is a must-see, but limit your stay to two nights unless you’re all about the boardwalk (promenade) scene and quiet isn’t your thing.
    • Stay at the Hotel Regence for an optimal location for walking to the beach and exploring the streets. It won’t break the bank.
    • Check out the Negresco Hotel (unless money aint no thang and then just stay there and say bai monies).  It’s certainly fabulous. We just wandered through (yeah they one hundo P knew we didn’t belong..) and took in its splendor and artwork.  Use the bathrooms (don’t ask where they are, just waltz on through with your money belts..)!  They are decked out with quirky artistic touches.
    • Visit the large flower market in Nice’s main square, Cours Saleya
    • Walk around the Italian Place Rossetti piazza
    • Catch a bus near the port (about a 15 minute walk from the main promenade/Old Nice) for a day trip to Monaco or Villefranche
  • Villefranche-sur-Mer is much smaller and cuter than Nice and has an Italian feel to it. Spend a night or two here.
    • Stay at Le Provincial and be sure to get a balcony view
    • Relax at the nearby beach a short walk away and wander through the cutiee streets
  • Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is great for a day trip from Villefranche-sur-Mer, and a scenic bus ride.
  • Monaco– Seems so odd that this is its own country and not technically part of France..I got to buy a whole different flag patch for my vest ha. I honestly found Monaco to be overrated.  I guess it appeals to yacht lovers and those into car racing.  BUT Grace Kelly is a definite draw.  Visit the Prince’s Palace, where Prince Albert now lives and where Grace kelly once had that princess lyfe.

As mentioned in my previous travel post, this was part of a 3 part adventure to German wine country, Lake Como and the French Riviera– See this post for more.

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